Picture of my Sister Dana and her Husband Mitch.

Home Sweet Home for Dana and Mitch

Your home is where your heart is. Where your family and pets are. Where you cook, clean, eat, hangout & entertain and sleep. Home should be comfortable and an extension of who you and your family are.

I love to decorate, although it is hard for me at my house because I have a very eclectic style, I love them all. Well, most all! I LOVE the HGTV channel..... could watch that ALL day, and of course..... PINTEREST, I could be on that ALL day! My grandparents, mom, mother-in-law and my sister all have great decorating talents.

At Home with Dana and Mitch

Dana and Mitch Property Showing the Hay Field

This article I am going to feature my sister, Dana and my brother-in-law, Mitch's house. They live about 25 miles outside of Bellingham, in the country. Their home and property is so inviting and peaceful.

The image above is looking out the living room window out onto their hay field and the mountain area.

They have 2 horses, 3 dogs and 2 cats. Their house sits on 6.5 acres with a beautiful mountain view as their backdrop. It is a stunning site. They have blueberries, grapes, and apples and will plant much more. They have their own hay field and a beautiful barn that houses their horses.

Danas Barn with the Horses Looking Out of Their Stalls.

I have some photos for your viewing of some items around their house that they have used to decorate or utilize for a purpose.

I just love how Dana and Mitch decorate, they have a very special eye. Some things they have received from family or friends, from thrift store or antique shops..... or a department store, but most of it has some history to it, that is what I love is knowing someone else had that at one point in time, and I think that makes is unique and special.

Maybe these photos will inspire you to see things differently and find something special to use in your home.

One persons trash is another persons treasure. It is all about perspective!



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